Terms and Conditions

  1. In any case of the RO server being targeted by DDoS attack, terminated of service will be executed, but will be given the backup of data, and refund of remaining service payment.
  2. Money can not be refund, transfer or any changing of form upon cancellation.
  3. Customers have to pay advance for every month. Late payment will lead to termination of service.
  4. Our Hosting will not hold any responsibility to any illegal transaction or trading.
  5. No P2P activities, file sharing, IRC server , DDoS attack or any illegal activities will be allowed.
  6. Abuse of using dedicated server will lead to immediate termination of service, without any refund.
  7. Lifetime domain or any other addons will only last as long the subscription of service is continued.
  8. Domain name control panel will not be given, but any other records can be added if needed by requesting.
  9. The Copyright of Ragnarok Online is still goes to Gravity.
  10. Our Hosting reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions without any notifying.