Frequently Asked Question

Ragnarok Online hosting is basically helping you to host your very own RO private servers, which you can create a community for you and your friends, or even the public to join the fun on playing Ragnarok Online.
All the RO servers are running remotely on servers which located in Internet Data Center. It is not something like running the application on my desktop in my house.
As long you are willing to learn, it should be not a problem. Most of my clients are beginner and doesn't know much at all.
Only Linux is available. However, don't have to worry as you will be taught how to use that.
Please do refer to each respective pages under the "Hosting Plan" tab on the menu.
Asia servers provide a better connection to players from Asia countries. Therefore, Asia servers are preferred to provide a lower latency and smooth gaming experiences.
Unlike US or Europe countries, Asia countries' bandwidth cost higher and so goes to the hardware. Therefore, the cost is much higher thus the price of service is higher too.
We use high quality hardware and service, unlike other companies which oversell the services, which lead to degradation of service.
I am providing RO hosting, not VPS hosting. Therefore, you don't have the root access nor have any extra privileges to do whatever you want.